Launching Oberon™ TWO and Oberon™ NC coronary dilatation catheters

    The newest members of the Oberon coronary dilatation catheter family are Oberon™ TWO and Oberon™ NC; two coronary balloon systems for different, but complimentary applications.

    It’s Made to Flow: RX Oberon™ TWO provides you with an easy entry and high crossing of tight lesions, due to a fully Hydrosurf™ coated 3Blue tip with a Hydrosurf™ PEBAX balloon. The combination of the Hydrosurf™, 3Blue™ tip, soft PEBAX balloon and well balanced push/flex shaft makes the system “Flow” through the coronary vasculature and lesions.

    It takes TWO to KISS: RX Oberon™ TWO is a 1.9 F proximal shaft coronary dilatation catheter, enabling use through a 5 F guiding catheter as single system, or use through a 6 F guiding catheter as two systems for kissing balloon techniques. Oberon TWO is a semi-compliant balloon to enabling you to work your size.

    It’s Made to Match: RX Oberon™ NC is the optimal non-compliant balloon for calcified lesions and post stent implantation balloon. The Nylon balloon material provides a non-compliant inflation up to 22 atm., with a 5% growth. Available from 1.5 to 4.5 mm balloons and quarter sizes.

    See the product information on our website and ask our Comed Alliance Partner for more information.