Callisto™ R-Access I Introducer Kit
7 April 2016
Io™ Radial Compression Tourniquet
7 April 2016
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Callisto™ R-Access II Introducer Kit

The Callisto™ R-Access-II is a radial introducer kit for easy and atraumatic entry into the radial artery. The tapered and partial Hydrosurf™ coated sheath and dilator, in combination with a unique dilator locking system provides an easy and rapid access. The specially designed haemostatic valve ensures easy catheter manipulation and no back-leak during and post procedure. Callisto™ R Access-II is available in 4 to 7F, all sizes are colour-coded. The kit includes a 22 Gauge needle with IV cannula + 0.021” polymer jacket Hydrosurf™ flexible, shapeable GW.