Hyperion™ Snare
6 April 2016
Hyperion™ VSDO Perimembranous Zero Edge Occluders
6 April 2016
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Hyperion™ ASD Occluders

Hyperion™ Atrial Septal Defect Occluder

The Hyperion™ self-expandable ASD double disc occluder is a percutaneous trans catheter device intended for the closure of atrial septum defects (ASD), and/or for patients who require a closure of a fenestrated Fontan. The Hyperion™ ASD occluder is available with hub or without hub, and also available in a “with hole” design. The Hyperion™ ASD is available from 6 to 42 cm


Hyperion ASDO with hub

Hyperion ASDO without hub

Hyperion ASDO Fenestrated with hub