Contrast Syringe ACS
13 May 2016
Hyperion™ VSD Muscular Occluders
14 May 2016
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Hyperion™ VSD Multi Fenestrated Membranous Occluders

Special VSD occluder for closure of the multi fenestrated Hyperion™ VSDO Multi Fenestrated Membranousmembranous VSD. The LA disc is an extra large disc compared to the RA disc. The waist length runs from 3.2 to 5 mm. covering a wide range of septum thickness. The VSDO Multi Fenestrated Membranous closure device is only available with hub, sizing from 4.0 to 18 mm sizes. VSD occluders are compatible with the Orbit-V delivery systems.


Hyperion VSDO Multi-Fenestrated Membranous