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12 May 2016
Ganymede™ Blood Pressure Transducer
13 May 2016
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Oberon™ NC Coronary Dilatation Catheter

It’s Made to Match

Oberon™ NC is a non-compliant low profile RX coronary balloon dilatation catheter providing a balanced performance between push, flexibility and crossing. The distal shaft is coated with Hydorsurf™ to optimize reaching and crossing. The proximal  2.3 F catheter shaft, and the 2.7 F distal shaft ensure
 a stable routing through tortuous vasculature, and provide a platform for non-compliant lesion dilatation including post stenting. Oberon™ NC is compatible with ≥ 5 F guiding catheters and available in quarter sizes.



Compliance chart:
Compliance Chart Oberon NC